How to fix Wifi Auto turn Off Error in Android Mobile


Wifi is an amazing tool for every smartphone that connects your handset to the world of the internet. At 10 years ago, every newly released cellphone had limited calling and messaging features But from time to time. It got many tech features like wifi, Camera, touch screen, and in 2021 cellphone’s primary purpose has been changed from calling to internet usage.

If you like to use a Samsung android smartphone then I am sure, your cellphone is showing a very common error about the wifi switch button. This error turn-off the wifi of your android handset. But don’t panic. It is a common error in the android operating system that you can easily resolve on your hand.

In this Article I will tell you five easy way to overcome wifi turn off error in your android mobile.

Turn Off Wifi Asstistant

First of all, You need to check the WIFI assistant in your Wifi setting and disable it in case if enable, the Wifi assistant automatically turns on or off your wifi based on your selected settings. Make sure to keep turn off the wifi assistant if you want to use wifi manually.

Clear Cache and Data

The cache is a saved data of your phone that saved all your usage activity and previous record of your device such as browsing history, setting, for your downloaded apps, Facebook accounts history, Search History and etc. Sometimes your phone served you old cache for real-time usage. that’s why we can face a Wifi turn-off error if our android cache has too old.

Now, lets’ clear the cache of your android device. First of all, Go to your phone setting and Open phone Storage. On the storage, the page drags it down and clicks on the cache and data button. Also, clear all cache and data of your android device.

Reset network Setting

There are many things that may be caused for the WIFI disconnecting error. If you don’t know how to restore the default WIFI setting so simple Reset all the network settings of your android device. It will reset as a default for all your wireless connection settings such as Bluetooth, WIFI, Mobile data, WIFI, and Bluetooth hotspot.

It is very simple to implement a reset network setting in your Android handset. Go to your phone setting and open the backup and restore setting. Now Click on the reset network setting after that your WIFI disconnecting error will surely resolve.

Factory Reset

If both initial methods did not work on your android device then don’t panic and try it with a third solution to factory reset your phone and resolve the wifi disconnecting error.

Before to apply factory reset, I suggest you to take a complete backup of your android device.

Now Let’ begin Factory reset is actually removed all your personal setting, log-in Accounts, Photos, Videos, Contacts Saved wifi password and everything, In-fact factory reset setting makes your android software refresh as first usages.

First, of all turn off your android device and press power plus volume down and hold it for 10 seconds. Now the android recovery mode will open in your cell phone. Before factory reset Wipe cache/date and apply factory reset in your device.

Repair Your Cell Phone

If all these provided solution will not work in your android device. Then you should go to mobile repairing shop and check WIFI antenna and other hardware stuff. I am sure after the repairing you cell phone’s WIFI will work better.

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