Popcorn time Apk Latest v3.6.7 Download For Android

popcorn time app

Are you looking for a free movie streaming android application? So, I suggest you download and install the popcorn time app on your android device. Because it is the best movie streaming application that covered almost every industry of old and latest released movies. Such as Hollywood, Bollywood, and others. But the majority of movies from the Hollywood industry.

It is a torrent-based movie app that has a bundle of APIs connected to enhancing the user experience. You can watch and save your favourte movies with limitless time.

Popcorn time apk provides Ultra HD graphics with 60 plus Fps in every series. If your Smartphone Doesn’t support Ultra HD so you can adjust the graphic 1080p HD or 720p. As well as, You can download your favorite video movies in your local dubbed language. Also, this app browser every movie very fast.

Popcorn time Apk Download

You can download the popcorn time app from the given download Button I embed a download link of the popcorn app under the download button. Just click on it then you will be land on the downloading page where you can import the popcorn app on your device.


The popcorn time apk has many exclusive features that enhanced user experience with a maximum level of satisfaction.


It is a torrent-based android application that keeps your personal information private from third-party or marketing companies. In-fact for this purpose. It uses a Virtual private server (VPN). Vpn helps to make secure user privacy from advertising companies. Popcorn time apk has compulsory to use vpn without it any user can not use it.

Search Bar

A search bar is an essential tool that helps users to find the favorite movie or series from the popcorn times app. In-additional, we can use this app without a search bar. Because it allows users to find and download their favorite video series.

Up to 1080p Graphic support

popcorn time apk provides up to 1080p graphic resolution. You can select different version of graphic based on your android mobile. If you have low graphic android phone. So, you can use 240p or 360p for your android smart phone.

Play Online

If you don’t have free storage to download video from the popcorn time apk? So, You can play online without downloading. because popcorn allows direct play online feature without downloading.

No lagging

This app has a built-in premium VPN integrated that will not waste your time in the loading movies. The built-in VPN works very fast, smoothly, without lagging.


Is Popcorn Time App Safe?

yes, it surely safe for your privacy. It uses a built-in VPN that keeps every user anonymous. And did not share your real IP with anyone. Another thought is that it is safe from any type of malware or viruses. First of all, Before the installation, I suggest you scan it from virustotal.com for your own satisfaction then install it on your android device.

Do I need a VPN for popcorn time?

In the Meantime, You don’t need to use a VPN. Because popcorn app has also a built-in VPN app. that is mandatory to enable before use in the latest version. You run this in the safe zone of privacy with the help of a built-in VPN.


Popcorn time app is an amazing movie-playing app. where you can import any type of serial. It is the safe and fastest app. As well as, It is a secure app that makes your privacy secure. Whereas every user use connects with VPN as an anonymous. You just to download and enjoy it.

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