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sms bomber app

Are you looking Best Android tool to send bulk SMS to your friends. So in this article, I will share with you a download link of SMS Bomber Apk. It is an amazing tool to share a bunch of SMS in just one click. It is an Asian app that works in Pakistan, India, Nepal, Philippines.

You don’t need to use your personal mobile number for the sending of messages to your contact. Simply choose your country and enter the cell number of the victim and type the number of SMSes and send it.

There are hundreds of alternative apps of Sms bomber apk are available to download on the internet. But Every app uses your personal mobile number and your sim balance to send multi SMS to your friends. Also, the bulk SMS sender app doesn’t use your personal number to send SMS to your friends.

However, lets discuss the feature of Bulk message sender.

Download SMS Bomber Apk

Download Sms Bomber’s latest version from the given download button. It has many amazing features that make you surprised and the real thing is that you don’t need to use your cell number for the performing of any act. Every SMS will be automatically sent from its own server behalf. Click on it to use the awesome SMS master app.


SMS Blast

It is a basic feature of the bulk SMS sender app that allows you to send simple SMS to your friends simply choose country enter number and quantity and send it.

Free Text

The free text tool allows you to send single SMS per click instead of bulk SMS. You need to log in to your way2sms account for the usage of the free text feature.

Email Blast

Email blaster recently added in SMS bomber apk. It is an exciting feature that allows you to send bulk emails by Sms bomber apk. Just login to your Gmail account with an email blast.

Call blast

Call blaster is a discussing feature that sends missed calls to your victim’s mobile number. It is a limited feature that sends two calls per click and five clicks allow per day.

Protection List

protection list is a helpful feature to protect your own cell number and email address from bulk SMS or email attack from bulk SMS sender. Just enter your personal number or email that you want to protect from the SMS bomber app and click on protect me button.

Alternative App of SMS bomber

Multi-SMS Sender App

Multi SMS sender is a very popular SMS sending app that allows sending a bulk quantity of SMS to a single contact. It is a very famous app for around 10 years. I was using it from 2012 at the android 2.4 Ginger brade version. And still, my real-time experience is so good with the multi SMS sender app. It is the very smallest 3 Mb of downloading the file and still works great.

Turbo SMS bomber

Turbo SMS bomber is the latest released app that allows us to send up to 200 SMS in the meantime. It requires ten-digit of the mobile number that means you don’t need to enter 0 at the start of the number and quantity of SMS that you want to send. After all, hit the send button and your SMS bombing activity is being started.


Sms bomber is an excellent app for multiple SMS and emails. It has hundreds of SMS and email sending features. If you want to send the bulk email too so you can perform this act by bulk SMS email sender as well as you can send a missed call notification to your friend by this app. SMS bomber app keeps the data anonymous of all users So, Download it without wasting more time.

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