What Things Should Be Considered Before Buying A Smartphone

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The smartphone has become an important source of communication in the 21st century. In the current era, Every user is busy with their own work and don’t like to waste their time with the traditional mode of communication such as letters, smoke, symbols and other things that’s why 99.99% people use mobile phone for messages and calls.

The android and iPhone is the latest types of mobile phones that have hundred of features are included. And day by day android smartphones and iPhone is becoming more advanced. As compared with a laptop the smartphone has only dimension difference. however, I enlisted the following tips that you should consider before buying a new smartphone.


Before buying an android device we should consider our budget and price tag. However, all the smartphone prices are categorized into three different levels.

  • Cheap Price: All the cheap price tag of smartphones is under $200.
  • Mid-Range: The mid-range smartphone is started from $201 to $350.
  • Flagship Devices: All the smartphone price is over $350 is term as the flagship devices.


After the consideration of your budget. You need to consider your requirement. that means, why you want to buy a specific smartphone. All the android designed for a different purpose. such as performance, Camera, Storage, Every mid-range and cheap price smartphone is developed for a single purpose.

If you want to buy a highly performed handset then you need to compare the Ram, Processor, and display. In the 2021 series of android devices, Many companies provide 1080p full HD display and 4 GB ram and 64 GB storage in the mid-range price tag.

Also the chipset of performance device should be snapdragon 612 or above for the log lasting gaming and other internet browsing.

In addition, You need to consider the battery size and charging capacity. The recommended battery size of a performance smartphone is 5000mAH with 18W of fast charging support.


If you want to buy an android device for photography and video recording. So, I suggest you buy an OPPO and Samsung android handset. Both company’s cameras are very popular and reliable with different exciting filters and effects.

Storage purpose

If you want to buy huge storage of android smartphones. In the mid-range price tag, you can buy up to 128Gb of ROM and 6Gb Ram from REDMI, REALME, INFINIX, and Huawei companies of smartphone. Because these companies sell maximum configuration of handsets at least price.

Graphic Needs

Generally, The Redmi, OPPO (Realme), INFINIX Cellular companies provide 1080p full HD display in the mid-range price segment. Otherwise, the Samsung, Vivo, and Other brands only provide a 720p display. As well, Every flagship handset provides AMOLED and super AMOLED display based on price.


Best For Cheap Price

If you want to buy a cheap price smartphone for under $200. So, The Redmi. Realme and Infinix is the best choice for you. In this price segment. you can get up to 128GB Rom and 662 chipsets of smartphones with 48 megapixels of HD camera 1080p display.

Mid-Range Device

In the mid-range price segment, You can buy the fastest android device of 8Gb/128GB space with an AMOLED display and 600mAH battery with 18w of fast charging support and snapdragon 712 chipset.

The OPPO, Xiami Redmi, Realme, VIVO and many other companies provide this feature at mid-range of price segment.

Flag-Ship Device

All the android smartphone that’s price segment start from $351 is term as flagship handset. In this category, Every smartphone has a high configuration with the latest released technology. Such as Super AMOLED in-display LCD with snapdragon 888 chipset, 64 MP camera 6000mAH battery with 64W super-fast charging Support, Up to 256 GB storage 16GB Ram, and much more.

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